Welcome to our testimonial page, where we proudly share the uplifting stories and heartfelt feedback from clients.

I sought healing for my childhood memories, and wow, I was amazed! With Aya’s soothing and trustworthy guidance, I connected with my inner child and accessed healing beyond time and space. It was a deeply transformative experience that allowed me to connect with the universe and with my past self. I highly recommend Aya’s sessions to anyone seeking healing for emotional wounds.

During my childhood, my life was at its worst. When Aya asked me, ‘When was the most difficult time you needed healing?’ I was puzzled. But, guided by Aya, I was able to meet my younger selves. Yes, it was us – several versions of me from different times. Seeing the anxious and lonely expressions on those children’s faces, the sadness of those times resurfaced, and I burst into tears. I hugged them all, and in their smiles and our unity, I found fulfillment akin to holding my own child for the first time. Since then, every day with my inner child has been filled with excitement! I’m grateful that I met Aya!

Aya is like an angelic healer who gently guides us. Her soothing voice felt like she was quietly watching over us from behind, leading us on a comfortable journey through time and space. During the session, I was able to connect with my younger self. At first, I watched from behind my mother’s figure, but after a few attempts at conversation, my younger self emerged, smiling. Just recalling the experience brings tears to my eyes, evoking an ineffable, overwhelming sense of love. I hugged my inner child and returned, realizing that I had lacked self-love. I hope many people have this beautiful experience!

I used to struggle with taking action, but after just a few sessions with Aya, I discovered the root cause behind my hesitation. It was deeply connected to my childhood and my inner child. Despite thinking I knew enough about my inner child, I uncovered even more during our sessions. Through conversation and embracing my inner child with love and compassion, I felt a profound healing within my soul.

I highly recommend Aya’s soul healing sessions! Through her guidance, I was able to reconnect with my inner child and gain a deeper understanding of my need for self-love. Reflecting on the experience brings tears to my eyes even now. After just a few sessions with Aya, a friend noticed a remarkable change in my appearance—my skin tone had noticeably brightened. It was a delightful surprise!

Now, whenever something happens, I can talk to my other self. I usually don’t see any visions or feel anything during guided meditations, but After receiving Aya’s Soul Healing, I saw my childhood self, who was going through a difficult time. I saw myself with a very sad face, and it made me realize that I had been ignoring my inner child, avoiding remembering those difficult times. Tears flowed uncontrollably as I felt overwhelmed with guilt. Afterward, I became more aware of the presence of my other self, and I felt like I could finally break free from the tendency to think negatively about everything! Aya’s guiding voice during the meditation was very comforting, and I felt at ease. I’m grateful to Aya for helping me realize the presence of my other self.

While Aya was channeling, I closed my eyes and found myself visualizing the same imagery as her! We were surrounded by a space resembling the universe, with pillars extending from above, filled with bright white and light green hues, adorned with a rainbow. Despite discussing work and business matters, I had a clear realization that meditation was the solution! Aya has a nurturing presence, much like a mother, affirming everything and embracing the myriad of ideas that come forth with an even tone. Thanks to her acceptance, I felt encouraged to draw from various sources of inspiration and let my creativity flow freely!

For those who have tried everything but still feel stuck, unsure of the root cause of their troubles, I highly recommend experiencing Aya’s healing! Since my teenage years, I often found myself lacking the motivation to pursue things I loved or wanted to do. This persisted into adulthood despite various attempts to address it through counseling and other methods. While these efforts helped me build self-belief and cultivate positive self-images, I still struggled to take action when it mattered. During the soul healing session with Aya, I found myself dozing off, but something significant happened when I heard someone else’s sharing. Tears welled up as I felt a flood of emotions – anger, sadness, loneliness, frustration, self-blame. Afterward, things I had been unable to act on for so long suddenly felt effortless.

I experienced a significant clearing.. My tears didn’t stop! Guided by Aya’s gentle voice, I delved into my ancestry and revisited my childhood. It was heartening to see how resilient I was and to acknowledge myself. I became aware of my true essence and remembered who I am. Since then, I’ve been experiencing numerous insights, developments, and miracles!

Every time I experience Aya’s guided meditation, it feels incredibly soothing. I would love to do it every night before bed! In Aya’s past-life regression group session, I immediately felt at ease with her comforting voice and warm atmosphere. As I continued the guided meditation, various images began to appear in my mind.It was a healing experience. Aya’s guided meditation is truly comforting, and I would love to do it every night before bed!

Despite my love for the ocean, I’ve always been afraid to enter it, and now I understand why. I experienced Aya’s healing guidance, which felt like a gentle conversation. I relaxed deeply and journeyed into the past, including past lives. I found myself by a beautiful sea, where several women were playing. Suddenly, they all sank to the bottom of the sea and passed away.. Rather than forcing myself into action, I realized I could heal gradually, allowing the beauty of the ocean to soothe me. I’m drawn to its clear blue, and there’s no denying its healing power. I feel calm and reassured now. Thank you so much!

I was surprised by how bright, light, and positive I felt afterward! Despite having experienced healing for my inner child in the past, I thought I was okay. But, during the session, one tissue wasn’t nearly enough.. Waves of trembling energy came through Aya’s voice, and tears started to well up during the introduction. I found myself conversing with people who had played antagonistic roles in my past, one by one. I even dozed off halfway through the session, but when it ended, I realized that the dark chapters of my past no longer bothered me!

I met my inner child! The kindergarten me appeared lively and full of smiles. When I asked if she was having fun now, she nodded with a smile. When I asked if she was okay, she confidently replied, ‘I’m strong, so I’ll be fine!’ Tears welled up in my eyes as I realized how hard she had been trying. ‘It’s okay,’ I reassured her, and she burst into tears. After comforting her with hugs and acknowledging her pain and loneliness, she tearfully expressed her happiness at the prospect of us being together from now on. Since then, I’ve felt her presence with me all the time!